Our Aim and Vision

We are a network established to advocate for a right to a healthy environment for all. We believe that Living in Harmony with Nature needs to take into account the roles and contributions of women and girls to achieve transformative change. This requires addressing gender equity and needs to embrace the holistic solutions and the recognition of women’s human rights to achieve it.

Our work involves building synergies around the work of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) and other international arenas to provide direction for more coherent and inclusive processes while ensuring their proper implementation.

Our Work


In collaboration with our partners, we campaign to amplify the importance in recognising the roles and contributions of women in biodiversity conservation and environmental sustainable future. We do this through various social media outlets, video documentation and various campaigns.


We provide analysis and bring experiences from the local to the global-level in advocating for women’s rights to biodiversity conservation. We do this by advocating to policymakers and by supporting our members participation in decision-making processes.

Capacity Building

We provide expertise and training to women and women’s rights organisations to strengthen their work on human rights and gender justice for a rights-based approach to biodiversity conservation for a just, sustainable future for all.

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Our network comprises of members and strategic partners. The network provides a platform for sharing knowledge and expertise and brings together  various sectors with the intersectionality of gender and the environment looking from the nexus of biodiversity and women’s rights. The networks collectively bring together voices from the local to the global discussions on biodiversity conservation and advocates to bring forth good practices to contribute to the global biodiversity discussions.

Latest News from the Network


Women Are In Our Shared Future

Biodiversity Day Live Interviews22 May 2022 LIVE IN FACEBOOK bit.ly/Women4IDB2022 About the event On 22 May 2022, Women4Biodiversity will be holding live interviews (20-30 minutes) from select Parties supporting Target…
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Escazú Agreement for women and girls

By Amelia Arreguin, Associate of Women4Biodiversity This April 20-22, the Escazu Agreement held its first meeting of the Conference of Parties in Chile under the leadership of ECLAC. The Escazu…

Mrinalini Rai


Mrinalini is an international expert on biodiversity and gender and has worked several years in advocating for the rights of indigenous peoples’ and local communities and women and youth in various local to global dialogues. She strongly believes in the ground-level up movement and the strength of communities’ experiences and voices. She supports and advocates for the full, effective and meaningful participation of women and believes they are not only the key rights-holders but that they are  key for a transformative and just society.

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This #BiodiversityDay
☀️In #Panama, #Indigenous women grow their own crops despite the threats of the pandemic and #ClimateChange
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