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Capacity Building

We provide expertise and training to women and women’s rights organisations to strengthen their work on human rights and gender justice for a rights-based approach to biodiversity conservation for a just, sustainable future for all.


We provide analysis and bring experiences from the local to the global level in advocating for women’s rights to biodiversity conservation. We do this by advocating to policymakers and by supporting our members participation in decision-making processes.


In collaboration with our partners, we campaign to amplify the importance in recognising the roles and contributions of women in biodiversity conservation and environmentally sustainable future. We do this through various social media outlets, video documentation and various campaigns (#Women4Biodiversity, #WhatWomenWant).

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"There is little data on recognising the role of #women in #biodiversity #conservation. Limited literature and examples available. We are slowly talking about it in the context of climate change and biodiversity but we still have a long way to go." Ms Ajit further stated.


🎙"When they [young female researchers] are trying to make a point, it's heard when another man echoes the same thing they are trying to say." Shruti Ajit representing W4B talked about the struggles of #women in #conservation at the Civil20 side event. @IndiaG2O @WWFINDIA

🔊HAPPENING TODAY‼️Ms. Shruti Ajit, Programme Officer, will be representing W4B in the speaking panel 😊. No registration required. Click here➡️👩‍💻 #womenandconservation #biodiversityforher #womenandbiodiversity

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