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Interns “2022”

Sharon Nyambura Ruthia


Sharon Nyambura Ruthia is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya and is currently supporting Women4Biodiversity as a policy intern to advance and strengthen its work in Africa in building networks and alliances. Sharon has an LLB degree from Kenyatta University, and a Diploma in Law at the Kenya School of Law.

She is passionate about working towards achieving a world where women and girls rights and freedoms are protected zealously. She has worked in education and awareness and in addressing gender based violence against women and girls in the informal settlements in Nairobi.

With her legal background and the experience gained over the years, her goal has been to ensure women girls’ rights and their sustainable practices in biodiversity conservation are recognized at the national and international levels.

Alejandra Duarte


Alejandra is a specialist in agroforestry, currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Forestry Conservation. She is focusing her research in dry, montane and andean forests, to improve the management and conservation of these ecosystems. She also dedicates herself in advocating for the rights of youth and women, as she is convinced that the full recognition of the rights and desires of the youth, women and indigenous people, will help achieve equity, integration and respect between humans and other living beings.

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