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Building Resilience
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There is a growing recognition of the role of women in forest restoration, but not much information is available on their contributions in restoring ecosystems such as wetlands, mountains, and coastal marine biodiversity. There are provisions and guidelines in many multilateral environmental agreements on mainstreaming gender but the gap persists in the lack of awareness and access, and the limitation of support initiatives for women doing conservation and restoration on the ground.

The project “Building Resilience and Weaving Gender-responsive Approaches to Biodiversity Governance” aims to strengthen gender-responsive ecosystem restoration approaches and integrate them into national goals and international commitments through research and documentation of women-led ecosystem restoration in pilot sites in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The project, initiated by Women4Biodiversity, follows a three-year practice to policy roadmap. It is implemented with the funding support of Sida through SwedBio at Stockholm Resilience Centre.

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