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The women of Londji 1 in the district of Kribi 2nd, Ocean Division, South Region have been involved in mangrove conservation and restoration for several years. Accompanied by the NGO Cameroon Ecology, OPED and REFACOF, they have adopted the use of improved stoves to reduce use of wood from the mangroves. So far, most of the women fish smokers have been using these stoves and are happy with them.

Similarly, to reduce sea pollution, the Londji 1 community is using dry toilets called “ECOSAN toilets” (eco-sanitary toilets). People build these dry toilets and make money from them.

Being mostly women fishers, the women of Londji 1 have understood that without the mangroves, they will have no life. The vulnerability of their environment, aggravated by climate change through violent storms and their land area shrinking each year, motivates them every day to restore the mangroves that provide them with resources for their sustenance.

Over a period of about 5-10 years, the women of Londji 1 have been able to regenerate at least 10 hectares of mangroves, and have planted a minimum of 1,000,000 mangrove seedlings along the Cameroonian coast. These restoration efforts began in 2011 with the funding support of the Ministry of Environment. Cameroon Ecology has been working with the Londji village population since 2012; their support started with the provision of some environment-friendly equipment to the community, then to mangrove restoration. A series of information and sensitization campaigns were carried out, the mapping of Kribi community organizations, the selection of the beneficiary community, and field activities.

This project will help continue the mangrove reforestation by the women of Londji 1 and will map and document the initiatives already implemented in the mangrove ecosystems in Cameroon.


• The status of gender in biodiversity policies in Cameroon is documented

• Improved women's knowledge and understanding of biodiversity-related mechanisms, as well as the links between biodiversity, gender and climate change

• Strengthening the capacities of women and girls to plan, analyze and contribute to the conservation and restoration of biodiversity

• At least 2500 mangrove seedlings have been planted in the degraded area of Londji

• Improved networking and knowledge sharing among women on biodiversity conservation and ecosystem restoration initiatives



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The African Women’s Network for Community management of Forests (REFACOF)


Coastal Wetlands


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