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"There is little data on recognising the role of #women in #biodiversity #conservation. Limited literature and examples available. We are slowly talking about it in the context of climate change and biodiversity but we still have a long way to go." Ms Ajit further stated.


🎙"When they [young female researchers] are trying to make a point, it's heard when another man echoes the same thing they are trying to say." Shruti Ajit representing W4B talked about the struggles of #women in #conservation at the Civil20 side event. @IndiaG2O @WWFINDIA

🔊HAPPENING TODAY‼️Ms. Shruti Ajit, Programme Officer, will be representing W4B in the speaking panel 😊. No registration required. Click here➡️👩‍💻 #womenandconservation #biodiversityforher #womenandbiodiversity

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