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Hageulu Community, SOLOMON ISLANDS

The Hageulu community has an approximate population of 1,200 people. It is located high up in the mountains of Gao district where development services and public utilities are not reliable. The people highly depend on land and forest for livelihood. Logging and mining are among the major external threats that impact not only this community but also other islands and communities throughout the Solomon Islands.

One of the project’s aims is to work with the group of women and local communities in Hageulu, Isabel Province. This project is highly relevant to them as their livelihoods rely on the land and sea, and women play a vital role in carrying out conservation and other activities in the community. The maternal system in Hageulu as well as the rest of Isabel province recognizes women as the tribal lineage for land tenureship. This means women are significant in decision-making with regard to land issues and resources. Women in Hageulu are now advocating for restoration and conservation of the tubi forest in the community as well as other nearby communities. The tubi trees (ironwood) are part of the women’s traditional knowledge and practices.

Hageulu Community Consultation on 3 & 4 January 2022


• Hold a workshop with the women on the conservation and replanting plan of tubi trees

• Erect 2 signboards on the replanting site

• Replanting of tubi trees in burnt forest areas

• Documenting of all activities relating to the restoration and replanting of tubi trees


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NIPS & Women4Biodiversity Consultation: Tubi trees, etc. in Hageulu Community, Solomon Islands

Network for Indigenous Peoples Solomon consultation with the Hageulu community in Solomon Islands. The Hageulu community area is part of the restoration component under...




Hageulu community in Gao district, Isabel Province


Network for the Indigenous Peoples Solomon (NIPS)




4 hectares

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