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For a Greener Future
Soumyasikha Manna – INDIA

Jute is not only completely biodegradable, but is also a recyclable fiber. A hectare of jute plantation consumes about 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide and releases 11 tonnes of oxygen. Cultivating jute in crop rotations enriches the fertility of the soil for the next crop. But who uses jute nowadays? We, the plastic generation, are killing our own Mother Nature and we do not regret it. But she does.

Once, jute was the most profitable industry of West Bengal, but after plastic’s arrival, thousands of jute mills were shut down and millions of workers got unemployed. Yet, a few still have some hope. They kept producing jute, and they deserve applause for that. They are true environmental fighters. They should be rewarded. They should be remembered.

Author Bio:

I am a teaching enthusiast. The objective of my life is to contribute whatever I am capable of in the field of teaching/learning and creating responsible future generations. Photography is my hobby and as “a photo speaks more than a thousand words,” it is one of my most powerful arsenals.

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