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Lady Farmer
Sourav Das – INDIA

Lakshmi Manna is one of the hundreds of women who work on betel leaf farms in rural West Bengal. Government loans have helped her sustain her farming practices. Without such affordable credit that social investments help make possible, it is very difficult for rural women to experiment and find the business that works best for them.

Author Bio:

Born in 1987, Sourav Das is an Independent photographer based in Kolkata, India. He has pursued his education with a master’s degree in History Hons from Vidyasagar University. His study was redirected to Belur Ramkrishna Mission Vidyamandir to Study Photography Diploma in Documentary Photography. His point of view is that the camera is an instrument of learning. He invokes the famous Henri Cartier-Bresson when he says: “With one eye the photographer looks at the world, with the other into his own soul.” Following his Master of Arts degree in 2011, he focused on photography. He wants to make himself a “documentary photographer” and document social change. He is convinced that photography can be as expressive as a novella, a song, or a painting.

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