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Luján is a documentary photographer and visual storyteller. She is also a National Geographic Explorer, and a member of Prime Collective and Ruda Colectiva. Her work explores Latin American culture and identity with a gender perspective. She uses photography as her main language but includes other disciplines such as collage, painting, and alternative development processes to deepen the conceptual content of her narratives. She is an IWMF Fellow, and was selected for the World Press Photo 6×6 Global Talent Program of South America. She received the Women Photograph + ONA Grant, the Emerging Artist Scholarship of Lucie Foundation, and the CUARTOSCURO/Foundry Scholarship. Her first photobook “Un montón de Ropa” (A pile of clothes) was awarded First Prize of the Book Call of Encontros da Imagem (Portugal, 2016). Her work has been exhibited internationally (China, India, Spain, Canada, United States, Mexico and Argentina) and has been published in media such as Time Magazine, National Geographic, The Washington Post and The New York Times, among others.

Sara is an Aymara social communicator, photojournalist and visual storyteller. Winner of the Photo Book Award with PhotoEvidence and World Press Photo together with COVIDLATAM, 2021, winner of the third place of the POY Latam, patient categories, 2021. Winner of the First place POY Latam, best use of online photography together with COVIDLATAM, 2021. Winner of the National Geographic Emergency Fund 2020. She has exhibited in New York, Paris, Normandy, Canada, India, Antarctica, Milan, Switzerland, Mexico, Peru and Colombia and hers work has been published in media such as The New York Times, The Guardian, La Barra Espaciadora, El País, an investigative magazine from the University of Bern, Neue Zürcher Zeitung Newspaper, Reuters and AP, among others.
Watanda Ambrosse is a passionate documentary photographer and filmmaker based in Kampala, Uganda, with 7 years of experience documenting visual stories for nonprofit organizations across the region.
Tania is a Mexican photographer who focuses her artistic practice on themes that revolve mainly around identity, territory and social justice, developing contemporary documentary visual narratives.

Rucha is a photojournalist, writer and an emerging filmmaker. She is a fellow at the International Women’s Media Foundation and the producer of “In the Land of My Ancestors,” an award-winning documentary short that celebrates the living legacy of the beloved Ohlone elder, Ann Marie Sayers. Rucha’s stories and photo essays have been published in Yes! Magazine, Public Radio International, Cultural Survival Quarterly, Scroll India, News from Native California, among others.

Victoire is an independent photojournalist. Her work focuses on reports about conflict, environment, education, health, social and cultural related issues and humanitarian work. She is a contributor to Everyday Africa, a member of Nativephotograph and Womenphotograph. She has been commissioned by international media outlets and organizations including The Guardian, NPR, Global Citizen, UNPD, UNICEF, Agence Française de development, Zeit Magazine, among others. Her work has also been featured by the World Press Photo organization.
Florence Goupil is a Peruvian documentary photographer and National Geographic Explorer based in Peru. Her work focuses on indigenous peoples’ rights, the environment and the Amazon nation’s living memory.
Rivan is a videographer and photographer based in Indonesia. His motto: “Life is a journey to see with the eyes and can be share through the Lens”.
Lydia Wanjiku is the CEO at Lensational, a non-profit social enterprise that provides underrepresented women with the skills and tools for photography and storytelling platforms so they can share their stories towards change in their lives and communities.
Mayeli Villalba is an Afro-Paraguayan photographer. Her main topics of interest are racialization, territoriality and memory. Her most important long-term visual investigation is related to the Afro identity of Paraguay. She collaborates with various international press media and NGOs. She is a member of Ruda Colectiva, a group of 10 photographers from different Latin American countries. Before dedicating herself to photography, she trained as a graduate in Social Work.
Betty is a social communicator and indigenous leader of Quechua origin. She is the general coordinator of “Chimpu Warmi,” a network of indigenous women, and is the Altiplano regional coordinator in CONTIOCAP (National Coordination for the Defense of Native Indigenous Territories and Protected Areas). She is experienced in multimedia (audio and video editing, photography, graphic design) and issues related to extractivism and climate change. She is also a defender of women’s economic, social and cultural rights and political participation.
Katherine is an Environmental Planner. She is currently working with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit as Senior Advisor to the Institutional Strengthening of the Biodiversity Sector in the ASEAN Project and the GIZ Philippines’ Country Gender Focal Person. In addition, she is a professor on Gender Policy Planning and Administration at the University of the Philippines Open University. She has worked with the Philippine Commission on Women as a Planning Officer who is responsible for the provision of technical assistance on gender mainstreaming to the environment, agriculture, science and technology and tourism sectors. She is also a photography enthusiast.

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